Mexico Travel: Bahia Hotel Los Cabos

The Bahia Hotel and Beach Club has become THE hang out for the beach loving crowd. Providing a home base for Surf and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) tours out to the East Cape world class wave spots and featuring visiting World Class Athletes that come to conduct sporting clinics and teaching to guests and special groups that include the many other fun activities that can be practiced out in front in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas and Medano beach and other areas of the Cape.  So now Lee is really living his Los Cabos dream in addition to his daily hotel management responsibilities, he now can spend his days teaching guests SUP and socializing with them in the bar at night….As Lee often says;

“A lifestyle hotel is about service and understanding the customer…I was that customer so I get it….  “We do it, so we know how to offer the product and service that our customers expect……”

Our secret has been to work together and become part of the business and local community and collaborate with the local government and authorities, other hotels, political influences in the area to create a Seaside Pedestrian community destination within a destination.  We are the first Urban W style Hotel in Cabo; it is what made the difference in our business model and what is making us a successful enterprise in Cabo.   The negative publicity that is often cast upon Mexico by some media outlets are in large part perpetrated by  those  that do not take the time and effort to investigate and really see what truly is going on in Mexico.  In spite of all the bad press Mexico is surviving and still the fun and attractive place it has always been, a beautiful, fun place with its own unique flavors, sights, experiences  and its people, just south of the border”. “As I like to often say about our own Mexican experience;” “We came for the place but stayed for the people.” Click here to read more on Mexico Travel: Bahia Hotel Los Cabos.


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