Executive Chef, Laurent Amaury Saussy

Moving to Cabo as Executive Chef of Bar Esquina Restaurant at Bahia Hotel Cabo was the beginning of another chapter of  an intriguingly delicious tale. Chef Saussy, who humbly prefers “Laurent”, will be the first to tell you, “I love to cook, and I quite literally live at Bar Esquina”.

Born from a French family living in Puerto Rico, Laurent spent most of his childhood back and forth between their island home and Tennessee where he developed a taste for heavy Latin flavors and American cuisine. He spent many hours in the kitchen with his French grandmother who helped him develop a true love for food and the art of cooking. This heavily diverse childhood helped Laurent develop the flavors of what is best described as creative, spontaneous and exquisite cuisine.

Laurent began his professional career as a chef in Southern California at the young age of 15. He spent countless hours in the kitchens of Los Angeles staples such as 72 Market Street, Jiraffe, Josie Restaurant, Towne Restaurant, Memphis at the Beach, Cache and Waterloo & City. Laurent also graced the kitchens of several New York City restaurants such as Bouley and the famous Blue Hill.


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